krb_customKennebec River Biosciences offers you a full range of veterinary solutions, including but not limited to our custom vaccines.

Veterinary Services

Proactive animal husbandry and health is our top priority. Through our regular inspections and testing of your animals, our USDA-accredited veterinarians can help you identify and remedy potential health and productivity problems — keeping your enterprise more sustainable and more successful.

KRB solutions include but are not limited to diagnostic consultation, biosecurity audits, efficacy trials, and prescription of approved therapeutants.

KRB CustomTM Vaccines

Cost-effective, targeted and sustainable, KRB CustomTM vaccines use the latest in tailored vaccine technology and are one of the only such vaccines to be licensed by USDA.

Since pathogens evolve, vaccines need to evolve too. That’s why all our vaccines are produced from bacterial or viral strains recently found at or linked to your facility.

Our solutions are local, but our clients are global.  KRB CustomTM vaccines are available in all U.S. states and for export worldwide.

KRB CustomTM vaccines give you and your fish the competitive edge. They are produced for immersion or injection, and for bacterial and/or viral infections. To buy or inquire, contact us today to discuss your facility’s needs.