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Some of KRB’s staff outside their facilities last fall in Richmond, Maine

Richmond, Maine — Kennebec River Biosciences today celebrated its 20th year in business, providing solutions for aquaculture, hatcheries and others concerned with fish and shellfish health.

Formerly known as Micro Technologies, KRB was established on April 22, 1996 at 43 Main St in downtown Richmond. Initially focused on providing health testing such as diagnostics and screenings for aquatic animals, KRB has since expanded to provide solutions such as autogenous vaccines, regulatory consultation, and contract research.

While KRB at first served local customers, it now serves hundreds of clients ranging from Mexico to Vietnam and from Canada to Indonesia, and has tested hundreds of species of fish, shellfish and other aquatic organisms. Lab and vaccine production space has expanded into multiple adjacent buildings.

KRB is today the largest commercial fish health lab in North America and offers more USDA/APHIS-approved assays for aquatic animal export certification than any other laboratory. Thanks to careful identification and isolation of more virulent pathogens, KRB is able to produce highly targeted, custom vaccines. As part of a proactive, well-structured fish health program, vaccination can help hatcheries and aquaculture enterprises reduce costs, improve growth and survival, and improve their overall sustainability